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Lives and Works in Berlin | John Holten Broken Dimanche Press The Readymades

Lives and Works in Berlin | John Holten Broken Dimanche Press The Readymades
Review by Ali Fitzgerald in Art21.

I could write multiple portraits of John Holten, Berlin-based _________.  One as the publisher ofBroken Dimanche Press, a three year-old project committed to publishing the adventurous works of various authors, artists, and designers.  Another could be: John Holten, ambitious novelist, who, with The Readymades, forged into being an entire Serbian art collective.  About this, Holten says, ”The LGB Group is a group of artists I assisted in bringing back into the public realm and helped re-align within the history of art. The Readymades goes a way to telling how this process started, and indeed contains the definitive account of the group.”
John Holten could also be the charismatic Irish gallerist managing the burgeoning careers of his Eastern-Bloc progeny through his own Galerie Gojkovic, working alongside Serbian filmmaker Darko Dragicević on the realisation and exhibition display of the LGB group’s body of work.
Holten could also be an archivist, culling information from Balkan war crime tribunals as well as the work of pioneering collectives like the Neue Slowenische Kunst (New Slovenian Art) in order to construct and contextualize his artists’ careers.
Finally, John Holten could be John Holten, the main character of The Readymades who both taps into and shares our artforum-diary obsession with cultural backstory, engineered persona and group sex.  This John is slated to make an appearance at David Zwirner’s gallery forPeople Who Work Here, in a video discussing the aims of the LGB group with Aengus Woods...
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