Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bosco stealing prizes because he's a nice old man

I'm very happy that my friend Andrew Fox is continuing his onward march into the overgrown territory of Irish short storydom by infiltrating that nettly corner known as the Francis Mac Manus short story comp  (last year they gave it to Bosco giving rise to calls of nepotism and dodgy puppetry) Here's the list press release.

Am busy busy setting up Broken Dimanche Press. Send me words and images and I'd be happy to put them up at The Kakofonie.

So far Andrea Bedorin, an Italian poet has two storming modernist pieces up there. More forwardlooking shit soon.

Monday, 20 April 2009


Two poems are up at 3AM. You can read them here

In other news the whole Broken Dimanche thing is going well. We have web presence here.

Soon I'm going to stop using a blog warning: I'm going to stop this crap soon.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New Ireland or Old Ireland

Easter Sunday in one newspaper in Ireland.

(Article by Luke Sheehan on cultism and madness)

....this Garden of Wandering

Just finished The Radicant by Nicolas Bourriaud last night, after it followed me around for over a month. I lost a lot of its threads during those weeks so am looking forward to going over it again and maybe writing up a review of it. Very interesting thoughts on translation and a new culture of travel and precariousness - but saying that any hope of writing up a grand narrative is suspect, as Bourriaud himself iterates throughout. It doesn't help that everything I read on his Tate Triennial show was negative. Something else to look into.

Very busy setting up a new venture out of Parking Meter Press - namely Broken Dimanche Press. Suddenly we have resources and lot of projects on the go, as well as a whole load of ideas and future plans. Will update on that as it comes along.