Sunday, 20 November 2011

Reading To Warmann

John Holten from Paris who edited To Warmann by Djordje Bojic in an empty gallery in Brussels. Milos Lubarda from The LGB Group and the public are invited to create anew the text.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The LGB Group in Brussels at D.O.R. Gallery


12/11/2011 - 02/12/2011

Vernissage 11/11/2011
19.00 - 22.00

Finnissage 02/12/2011
19.00 -

The tripartite exhibition at Gallery D.O.R. has its starting point in the novel The Readymades written by John Holten (Broken Dimanche Press, 2011) which tells the story – through a unique use of montage of found historical and contemporary documents – of The LGB Group. In order to execute the fiction of this book a collaboration with Serbian artist Darko Dragicevic resulted in the realm of the novel being extended into the world of contemporary art through the creation of a body of work corresponding to The LGB Group. Seminal works from the oeuvre of the group will be presented at D.O.R. through supporting structures such as the LGB art collection of Galerie Gojkovic, performative public interpretations of The Readymadesand relational social happenings over the course of the exhibition.

Djordje Bojić,
Zukunft I / Future I
oil and varnish on canvas, 3 x 1,5m. Private collection

CHAPTER 1: Djordje Bojić LGB years: 1995-2008 Djordje Bojić.
Vernissage: November 11, 19.00 - 22.00
A curated selection of some of the seminal works of LGB artist Djordje Bojić, an artist born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1974. He studied philosophy at the University of Belgrade before abandoning his degree after the success of the show LGB with Aleksandar Gojković and Miloš Lubarda. His text based work dating from 1995 was interested in form and the concretisation of everyday realities. He was also the curator of some of the LGB Group’s seminal exhibitions. Notable shows include LGB 1995-2005, a retrospective in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (25 February - 20 March, 2008) and Around is Back Again, Today, 20 May - August 4, 2002, in Gallery Michael Jetzer. He died in Paris in 2008. His estate is managed by Galerie Gojković.

CHAPTER 2: It‘s already a success!
Saturday, November 19th – Friday, November 26th
Over the course of the second week of the LGB exhibition there will be a performative act by the publisher John Holten (Broken Dimanche Press) who is responsible for the publication of the manuscript “To Warmann“ by Djordje Bojić. Bas Jan Ader’s work from 1972, The Boy Who Fell Over Niagara Falls will be reinvigorated by Holten in order to further facilitate the work of Bojić. Ader, in 1972, sat twice daily in an empty gallery, reading a short story. During his gallery readings, Holten will be accompanied by Bojić’s best friend and collaborator, another LGB artist, Miloš Lubarda. He will pick up certain words that play homage to Bojić’s project, each day creating a different story, different meanings.
Twice daily performace: 13h – 14h & 18h – 20h

CHAPTER 3: Three course meal
Sunday, November 27th – Friday, December 2nd
In 2011 German artist Jan Offe invited guests once more for dinner, feeling that the time was ripe to revisit the primal social scene of life: the communal dinner. The tropes of late 1990s relational aesthetics have become associated with Offe, and his dinners, replacing cutlery with our readymade human utensils, have put him squarely in the lineage of Spoerri to Tiravanija. At once a nostalgic homage to the late 1990s, when we were all that little bit younger, but also a social occasion to celebrate the on-going legacy of the LGB Group with one of the key names of the group, Herr Offe, Gallery D.O.R. will play host to the time before we’re all still in the process of over-coming.

Jan Offe
3 Course Dinner
beet root, carrot, apple, pesto, ricotta, spaghetti,
mango, strawberries, blue syrup, white wine, red wine
220 x 180cm. Courtesy the artist.

Darko Dragičević (b. 1979, Belgrade) studied Visual Arts at The International College of Arts and Sciences in Milan where he received a Master Degree in Art Direction. Since then he ́s been working in Europe and USA as a Visual Artist and Filmmaker. His works have been featured in Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (won the 3rd price with the video “Ah!“), Ann Arbor Festival Michigan, Future Shorts London, as in various solo and group shows. Upcoming events count the exhibitions at mianki Galerie Berlin, D.O.R. Gallery Brussels and an auction in Berlinische Galerie in collaboration with KUNST Magazin Berlin. Currently he lives and works in Berlin.

John Holten (b. 1984 in Ireland) is a writer and editor living in Berlin. He has a BA International from University College Dublin in Ireland having completed an Erasmus year at Paris IV-Le Sorbonne in France and an MPHIL from Trinity College, Dublin in Ireland. He has curated, together with Line Madsen Simenstad and Ida Benche The Kakofonie – A European Journal of Art and Literature since 2009, showing the edited work in various European art institutions including Gallery Block T (Dublin), Stattbad (Berlin) and Pygmalion (Dublin) amongst others. He has had fiction and poetry published extensively, most recently in Lamination Colony and the AADK Press. The curated book project he co-edited represented Ireland at the prestigious Charlemagne Youth Prize in 2010, coming second out of 27 countries. His writing on art has been most recently published by The Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin. During the summer of 2011 he co-curated and ran the series ‘Exhibiting Literature’ at Buro BDP, Berlin. In 2011 he received a Literature Bursary from the Arts Council of Ireland. His first novel,The Readymades, was published in September 2011 by Broken Dimanche Press.

(b. 2009, Berlin) is a work of fiction. All characters, situations, conversations, scenarios, art and cultural occurrences are the invention of the publisher.

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