Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Finally I've joined a band. We have our first rehearsal tomorrow in Berlin and our first, and probably last performance on Friday. The ambition is to place several footnotes into a song.

The Readymades, or part of it, uses footnotes. They were nice to write. People have been telling me of Nabokov's Pnin, but I've never read it. I think a reader can feel a sense of the make-belief in footnotes and a writer can get lost in them.

But the other band members are certainly interesting and more talented at all this than I am, check them out.

María-Ángeles Alcántara-Sánchez (1975, Murcia)
Jesús Arpal-Moya (1972, Barakaldo)

—A team to operate in places for common negotiation such as iconographic, musical and literary repertories. To propose self-teaching practices and publishing of provisory results for debate. To subject authorship to situations of inexperience/humour/appropriation. To disperse the results through space, time and the distribution channels, so to hinder their deactivation by the presentation context.

es insoportable la idea de autor, o la idea de artista
(dora garcía @ el país)

—Jeleton's activity has been incorporated in public art research projects, exhibitions, documentary projects, workshops (recently "Manifesta 8", Murcia, 2010; CA2M, Móstoles, 2010; Casa Vecina, Mexico City, 2010; MACBA, Barcelona, 2010; Le Centquatre, Paris, 2009; Abisal, Bilbao, 2008) and has been supported by grants and research funds (recently Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona, 2008).

no te preocupes me han dicho que sí que les mola / que hagas esa cosa que haces tú
("de moda", los punsetes)

Friday, May 13 Altes Finanzamt
Jeleton (text, vinyl record)
performance + opening
Turntable Piece

Artistic team Jeleton makes annotations on cultural consensus through
drawing, performance, music or writing. The term turntable is for a vinyl
record player but also for a revolving table or a turn alternator. Their
"turntable pieces" are exercises on how to perform a vinyl record, how can
be reactivated the listening or receiving situation of a prerecorded
message. Talking to the records, reading texts to them, manipulating them
through scratch.

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