Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Blind Mirrors

Have written a new text and translated from the French another, to be included in the project Blind Mirrors. To be published in the first publication by the AADK Press. Also have recorded the sound installation to accompany book launch. 

Event September 9, 20h at Ostbahnhof. Stra├če der Pariser Kommune 8 in Dome Deluxe

Project co-ordinator: Thierry Decottignies

Design: Adam Green

Contributors:  Adam Green (England/Germany) / I.L. Koliner (Israel/Germany) Nicolas Donlon (France/Spain) / Vincent Calvet (France) / Saar Yachin (Israel) Thierry Decottignies (France/Germany) / Yaron Dahan (USA/Germany) / Asaf Koliner (Israel) / John Holten (Ireland/Germany)

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