Sunday, 23 August 2009

How to distract yourself from finishing a novel, Part 1

I have a lot of work to be doing, therefore distractions are on the increase. Tuesday isVernissage 001.3 in Dublin, then on Thursday I'm reading at the Boru Revue in Phibsborough, Dublin from The Bellows City.  I've also been invited to work on a text for a great project that's part of the Fringe Festival that will be 'delivered' on Saturday, Septemebr 5th...

So for distraction:

Broken Dimanche Press is interested in what is going on in today's Europe, who is challenging conventions and investigating our shared contemporary. We see ourselves working across borders and in the future wish to translate writers and thinkers into other European languages than those they write in.

The Kakofonie is currently seeking submissions for our next issues:

002 will be concerned with the political, we'll be looking at social democracy in the 21st century and the political capital of the imagination and the arts vis-à-vis the rise of rightwing populism and the crash of the free market. We are open to all art forms and genres, and are particularly interested in receiving fiction that deals with the contemporary in imaginative and challenging ways.

003, this issue will be comprised of video work. We interested in video art, literary videos (including viral promotion work for books etc), experimental documentary and any other work you'd care to send along.

We have finished sourcing material for our flagship book You Are Hereto be published in November. It will include poets, novelists, philosophers, political acitivists amongst other disciplines from across Euorope, including the award winning Ann Cotten (GER), novelist Agnieszka Drotkiewicz (POL), political scientist Francesca Musiani plus many more...

At the moment we are also interested in hearing from anyone who feels committed to experimental fiction and poetry, challenging political journalism, translation and philosophy in terms of book length ideas.

Submit to :

Multiple submissions are fine.

We will strive to reply to all correspondence.

We can't go on for ever without submissions so please send something!

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