Friday 15 July 2011

The Private Notes of Philip M. Dearne

I have writing and some translation in a new book by the AADK Press. Its release is part of four day long performance festival in Berlin AADKunexpected. The project has been quite an experience: expanding a short, strange text from the inside and in tandem with Decottignies and Green. We've gone places we never imagined going...

The Private Notes of Philip M. Dearne

By Adam Green, Thierry Decottignies, John Holten – The AADK Press (Bilingual English and French).

"'A painting is not a construction of colours and lines, but an animal, a night, a cry, a man, or all of this at the same time'
(CoBrA, in 'Connaissance des arts' n° 666)

'It was only then that I noticed the position of her hand. In the course of what could only be described as some kind of fit, all be it a seemingly happy one, her dress had ridden up and revealed, bunched up above a pair of near translucent legs, the white shocking mass of her undergarments, and completely inexplicably her hand nestled inside. She was looking straight at me....'

-The Private Notes of Philip M. Dearne, a collaborative literary project by Adam Green, Thierry Decottignies and John Holten, will be presented as part of the 4-day event AADKunexpected at Galerie161 - featuring a live installation with performance artist Vania Rovisco.“

Saturday 16th July, 4 pm-6 pm, Galerie161 (Torstr. 161), U8 Rosenthaler Platz, Bus 142//

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